Monday, April 16, 2012

Events at KIC

Well, college life is as usual but the surrounding were not that "college feeling" enough.
Missing my ex-college and collegemates but still life in Cyberjaya is quite awesome.

These are the picture taken during last semester event which is Merdeka Raya celebrations;

This is Opie,Yaya and Sofia. Ze classmates.

The other collegemates.

A1 Perghhhhhhhhhh they said. Hehe

Ina become the newspaper model!

I'm taking all these random photos of collegemates from opie's album in facebook. Thank you opie! Eventhough I'm stealing it...Hehehe.

I made the video for screening on the closing ceremony. here is it!

Last but not least!

Me the one in black, the shortest. Always and forever. Ehehe. These are the girls that I first have a girl talk conversation in KIC since me and akmal are roomates and Maya plus Naza staying in the next door. Thats it, I'm Signing off ! Toodles *waving hands* :)

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